Tax Compliance

  • Prepare federal and state individual income tax returns, gift tax returns, and estate tax returns.
  • Prepare fiduciary income tax returns for estates and trusts.
  • Advise on tax filing requirements for individuals, entities, deceased taxpayers, and certain foreign reporting requirements.

Tax Planning

  • Income Tax Projections for estimated payments or payroll withholding adjustments.
  • Planning for Roth conversion, stock option exercise, buying/selling rental properties, retirement planning, and multi-state income tax reporting.

Specialized Services

  • Review and respond to tax notices/audits from the IRS and state taxing agencies.¬†Represent taxpayers before the IRS and state agencies.
  • Coordinate and prepare the final individual income tax return and initial estate income tax return for the year in which a taxpayer dies.
  • Advise executors and trustees on tax implications of estate and trust distributions.

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